About Us Summary

The Bedford County Technical Center is a shared time career and technical school that serves the Bedford and Everett school districts. Three other districts including Tussey Mountain, Northern Bedford, and Chestnut Ridge and one charter school, Hope for Hyndman, send students on a paid tuition basis.

The governing body of the school is a Joint Operating Committee (JOC) consisting of nine representatives, five from Bedford and four from Everett. In addition to the JOC, a General Advisory Council, composed of representatives from education, industry, business, and students, advise the administration and JOC on matters pertaining to philosophy, objectives, and program needs. Also, each program area has an Occupational Advisory Committee that provides current information and support as it relates to their field.

Bedford County Technical Center delivers educational services to students in grades 10, 11, and 12 during three sessions. The eight occupational areas and the capstone cooperative education program comply with Chapter 4, and Chapter 339 of the Pennsylvania School Code. Student outcomes are measured in terms of competencies found in Chapter 4; therefore, programs of study offered at BCTC reflect the state mandates for vocational education.

High school students may apply for early college credit work while at the Technical Center. The participating districts have also entered into an agreement with Allegany College of Maryland to operate a Technical College in partnership with the Technical Center. Adults who wish to pursue a technical credential may apply for course work at Allegany College of Maryland. Applications are available at the ACM Office at the Bedford County Technical Center.