Career and Guidance Services

Career and Guidance Services are available for every Bedford County Technical Center student. These comprehensive services include assistance with career planning, career testing, and test interpretation, along with help with home school and/or social concerns. Students may request an individual session with counselor whenever one is needed, but the counselor will attempt to meet with the students throughout the year in class, small group, or individual sessions.

When students enter the BCTC either in grade 10 or as a first-year student, services are introduced to the student with an emphasis on decision-making skills, goal setting, goal achieving, lifelong learning, and personal development skills. Additional programs and services are provided as they are needed.

Services continue through grades 11 and 12 with an emphasis on career plans after graduation. Students are provided with opportunities to meet with and visit various schools and colleges as well as worksite employers and military recruiters.

Career testing services are offered at no cost to the student at the BCTC. Those tests include but are not limited to Holland Occupational Themes, Humanmetrics Jung Typology test, Work Interest Quiz, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Personality Test. Interpretation of test results are discussed with the students in guidance sessions.

A Career Resource Center is in place at the BCTC that provides students with information on post-secondary educational opportunities, financial aid, job market information, career information, and school-to-work opportunities.