Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services are available to students with disabilities who have individualized education plans. These learning support services are provided to the student so that he/she can be successful while participating in the vocational programs at the BCTC. A certified special education teacher directs these services. The special education teacher works very closely with the BCTC instructors to provide program modifications that meet the needs of the student with a disability and that are defined in the student’s IEP. The special education teacher communicates with the student’s home school in order to effectively provide these services and to resolve any student problems that may occur. The special education teacher also teams with the BCTC Co-op coordinator to find appropriate work experience for the students with a disability when he/she becomes eligible for Co-op work.

Instructional aides provide the direct learning support to the students. They are available for a designated period of time in each shop on a daily basis. The special education teacher coordinates these services. The instructional aides can provide tutoring to the students for academic and vocational skill development, alternative testing and may other types of specially designed instruction.