On Monday, August 17, 2020 we received correspondence from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that the Secretary of the Department of Health has ordered that all students attending schools must wear face coverings throughout the school day. Previously, we were told that if we could maintain 6 feet of social distancing that the face covering could be removed.

This change is no doubt frustrating to many, however we must comply with this order. In order to alleviate the discomfort associated with being in masks while trying to educate we plan to to take the following steps:

1. We will take a 10 minute 'mask off' break each hour while maintaining social distancing.

2. We have ordered face shields for each staff member and student to wear while in the building. The face shields are of sufficient size to cover from ear to ear, and below the chin. The shield is much more comfortable than the mask. Unfortunately, this change is so last minute that the shields will not arrive in time to start the school year. We are making every effort to expedite their arrival. Until they arrive students and staff need to wear masks as prescribed in the Department of Health order. Please bring your mask from you sending school district.

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