The following are proper procedures for requesting records from Bedford County Technical Center under Pennsylvania’s Right‐to‐Know Law, 65 P.S. §§ 66.1‐66.9. s Public Records Policy (Board Policy Number #801).

1. A written request for access to a public record shall be submitted on the required form(s) and addressed to the open records officer. The required form can be found on the PA Open Records website (www.openrecords.pa.gov/RTKL/Forms.cfm) under “Right‐to‐Know Law.” The form is available in both PDF and DOCX formats. Each request must include the following information:

a. Identification or description of the requested record, in sufficient detail.

b. Medium in which the record is requested.

c. Name and Address of individual to receive the district's response.

The center shall not require an explanation of the reason for the intended use of the requested record, unless otherwise required by law.

2. All requests for records shall be addressed as follows:
           Bedford County Technical Center
           Open Records Officer – Mr. Mike O'Dellick 
           195 Pennknoll Road
           Everett, PA 15537

3. All requests shall be in writing and shall be sent to the Bedford County Technical Center by mail, facsimile to (814) 623‐7234, email or delivered in person during the Bedford County Technical Center’s regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays and official office closings.

4. If a written request for records is granted, the following fees will be charged: 

Photocopies: $0.15 per copy (8.5”x11”), $0.20 per copy (any other size)
A photocopy is either a single‐sided copy or one side of a double‐sided copy.
PC Diskettes: $1.00
Certification of a Record: Actual Cost
Specialized Documents: Actual Cost
Facsimile/Microfiche/Other Media: Actual Cost
Conversion to Paper: If a record is only maintained electronically or in other non‐paper media, duplication fees shall be limited to the lesser of the fee for duplication on paper or the fee for duplication in the original media unless the requester specifically requests for the record to be duplicated in the more expensive medium.
Postage Fees: Materials fitting into a standard letter envelope – No charge
                             Other – Actual Cost

The Bedford County Technical Center may require a requester to prepay an estimate of the fees listed, if the fees required to fulfill the request are expected to exceed $100.

5. When responding to a request for access, the district is not required to create a record that does not exist nor to compile, maintain, format, or organize a record in a manner in which the district does not use. Information shall be made available to persons with disabilities in appropriate format, upon request and with sufficient advanced notice.

6. Received requests are date/time stamped to show documented receipt of request.

7. If the request creates any question in regards to providing the information requested, the request is immediately forwarded to solicitor for review.

8. If the request falls within normal Right‐To‐Know guidelines, the response is generated and sent to requester with‐in the five (5) days required for response. Any necessary invoicing is included in the response.

9. If the solicitor deems an extension or denial is necessary, the solicitor will respond in writing to  requestor with a copy of the response letter copied to the Center.

Appeals may be made directly to the Office of Open Records, 333 Market Street, 16th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17101‐2234.

10. The Center will then work on compiling the information requested and respond to the requestor in the appropriate extension timeline.

11. If there is an appeal to a denial, all information is turned over to the solicitor for proper defending and any processing.

12. The original request, any correspondence, and the provided information or denial notification are filed in the front office for proper record keeping purposes.